Recommended Reading

Recommended puppy training books

There are hundreds of dog training books out there and most are very good reads, but some are not so good, in that they are still stuck in the very dangerous concept of dog dominance and punishment.

Some are too technical and some are not as good as they could be. So, we’ve created a list of our favourite books which we absolutely love. If you only get a chance to read one book, then read ‘The Other End of the Leash’. It will open your eyes to dogs and their relationship with us. If you are hooked (which I am sure you will be!), then do read the other ones. They really are worth the read.


The Other end of the leash

The Other End of the Leash

by Patricia McConnell


A wonderful perspective on our relationship with dogs. It shares insights on how ‘man’s best friend’ might interpret our behaviour as well as essential advice on how to interact with our best friend in ways that brings out the best in them. How to get your dog to love coming to you and why being dominant over your dog can cause serious problems.

The Culture Clash

The Culture Clash

by Jean Donaldson


Another fantastic book helping us understand our relationship with dogs. Jean Donaldson explains brilliantly a dog’s natural behaviour and how to channel that to adjust to our human culture. It is full of handy training tips and how-to’s to help you along.

Total Recall

Total Recall

by Pippa Mattinson


A detailed step by step programme to get your dog to come back. The book goes through structured exercises to teach your dog to recall from scratch.

The Perfect Puppy

The Perfect Puppy

by Gwen Bailey


A good book for first time puppy owners and goes through all the issues that you may encounter with your new puppy. It has step by step training and socialisation plans, to help you raise a problem-free dog.